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Appliance recall Check

Noel's Home Inspections includes an Appliance recall check on every full Home inspection report. There are over 200 million recalled appliances in the homes of unsuspecting Americans.It is not a surprise that it has become fairly common to see appliance recalls in the news.Recalled appliances are a major consumer problem. Approximately 20% to 25% of homes that have had all of their appliances checked for recalls have had at least one recalled appliance. The first time a homeowner may be aware of an appliance recall is when a fire marshal tells them about the recall after a house fire.According to the CPSC, “more than 80% of appliance recalls are the result of improperly installed wiring, overheating motors/relays or other component failures that you can’t see.

Its recommended to periodically check appliances for Recalls, even after being initially checked